Meaning of Iphigenia:
of royal or strong birth




the daughter of king Agamemnon in Greek mythology, she agreed to sacrifice herself in order to appease a goddess and save her country, her story more ancient than the Trojan War, a tale of bravery that taught the ancient Greeks about the meaning of sacrifice for a common value.



Our company «IPHIGENIA» is based in Salonica, Greece and attempts to connect the past with the present;
the classic ancient times with the contemporary reality, using a genuinely greek product: the ancient greek sandal.


All of our designs are inspired by the ancient greek art and tradition and are created in Greece from top quality leather.
«IPHIGENIA» products are promoted throughout Greece and exported to Europe, the United States and Australia, proving that the classic beauty of hand-made items is truly second to none.




Modern-Day Slavery;
We are aware & we take a stand against it.
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