Human Trafficking

Modern day slavery;
We are aware & we take a stand against it

Statistics talk about more than 20 million slaves all over the world today. All of them victims of this organized criminal activity that exploits people found in vulnerable situations.
And sadly, Greece is among the key-countries in the global map of human trafficking.
The trafficking of human beings is a reality we simply can not overlook. Our company «ΙPHIGENIA», as part of our corporate social responsibility, has decided to be actively involved in the fight against human trafficking in Greece. We are committed to stand along side organizations that do hands-on work in our country.
With every purchase of «IPHIGENIA» products, you support a woman hosted at the «Hope Spot» shelter, on her journey to restoration. «Hope Spot» is a non-governmental organization in Greece, that offers accommodation and legal counselling to women and children who are victims of human trafficking.
For more information on human trafficking and the work of the Hope Spot in Greece, visit the organization’s website:

Thank you for joining in this fight against slavery.

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